Design Brows Naturally

Anatomy Based Brow Design 


Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

✔️ You scroll through all the brow photos on Instagram and Facebook and think
"How do they do it?  How are they creating such great brows?"
✔️ You watch tutorial after tutorial and still can't get it?
"What am I missing? They make it look so easy but I still feel like I'm struggling."
✔️ You feel intimidated thinking
"We didn't spend any time doing brows in school and I just don't feel very confident."
✔️ You're already experienced in brows but know that a new perspective could work wonders. 
"I already feel pretty confident but know I could always learn more. I like to learn from all the experts." 

Brows are big business. Look all over social media and it’s more apparent than ever. This exposure has made clients more aware of the different levels in skill and the many styles available in brow services. People no longer want walk in brows. They want someone who specializes. Unfortunately, beauty school doesn’t teach the art of brows. You learn how to wax but you don’t learn how to design. And today’s discerning clients are definitely looking for something more.

Are You Ready to Learn a Design System That Uses Nature's Map?

Keep Scrolling if Any of These Sounds Like You

  • Do you have a passion for brows and always looking for more?
  • Do you lack confidence or skill and need a little (or a lot) of help with everything?
  • Or maybe you're an established artist and simply want a different perspective.
  • Are you looking for ways to build your brow brand and be an in demand brow artist

"Every point and line is very specific and thought out."

This system focuses on using brow anatomy to design perfect brows. No measuring, no stencils, or rulers. You'll learn to design true and natural brows because you'll be using your client's natural brow anatomy to design. Design Brows Naturally gives you a step by step blueprint allowing you to design your client's most perfect. This gives your work consistency and allows you to truly customize every single eyebrow that comes your way because you're literally using each person's individual brow patterns.

"Utilize the natural brow anatomy and you'll be able to transform and rehab any brow that comes your way."

What if there was a way to design brows that allowed you to create the best brow for ALL your clients? What if there was a design system that worked with the brow in a very thought out and planned way that allowed you to simply look at a brow, dissect it, and know what needed to happen...what hairs needed to be removed...what bare spots needed to grow in? Well there is! If you utilize the map nature so carefully laid out you can design any brow.

"You will learn an actual design system that works with brow anatomy and brow growth patterns."

There are 2 parts to perfectly designed brows.  One part is shape, the other part is placement.  Most designs are focused only on shape. And when your focus is only on shape, brows tend to be "to high", short, and "boxy". But when you focus on placement you are able to take the brow to another level. By using your client's brow bone and brow growth patterns as a guide, you can literally add length to their brows.  This strategy of brow mapping will have you breaking down the brow piece by piece.  The purpose of each anatomical part of the brow will be given allowing you to make educated design choices so you can design a brow with purpose and not just wax by chance. You will learn the characteristics of brows and how and why they appear a certain way. Every strip of wax applied will begin to have meaning and purpose. 

You Can Benefit from Design Brows Naturally If....

✔️ You're a beauty school student with a passion for brows. You know what you're learning in school is way too basic of a brow service and you already plan on being a brow diva upon graduation. You're looking for a head start so you could start applying good habits right away.
✔️"I want to get my license and start work at a brow bar right away. I plan on being the next Instagram sensation and I'm going to come out slaying brows."
✔️ You're a recently licensed esthetician and quickly realized there's a demand for brow services that far exceeded your expectations. Now that you're working in the real world you seem to lack the confidence and skill necessary to rock brows.
✔️"This is so scary! People are so into their brows. I'm not ready for the pressure. I felt like I knew what I was doing but now I'm not so sure."
✔️ You're already an established esthetician or cosmetologist but never really designed brows. You were just waxing them and treating them as an add on service. But now you're thinking
✔️"Brows are all the rage and I want to capitalize on this awesomeness. I should probably brush up and focus on design and kick my brow services up to another level."

Are you ready to see brows in a completely new perspective? Are you ready to learn how to use brow growth patterns to design a perfect brow?  This new way of seeing brows will give you the tools to use the map nature so carefully laid out.  If you're ready, then read on for more info...

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"100% this is a MUST for mastering artistry for microblade artists! I haven't come across anything like this. I am usually taking someone with very little or no brow and creating what I think suits them best. Having this knowledge already cut my design time today since I had a guide on what to do. So so empowering. Total confidence booster!"

Enrolled Studet

"Very helpful..12 years of doing brows and this is all pretty new info for me."

Enrolled Student

"It's incredible on so many levels. You are doing something big plus helping others, it's wonderful! You put a lot if love and passion into this!"

Enrolled Student