Hello There!

Hey There! And thanks for stopping by! I'm Regina and I'm a natural brow expert. What does that mean exactly? Well...I'm a brow purist. I love brows in their most natural form. I love their natural hair growth patterns, I love fluffy, and full brows. I love the kind of brows that don't need to be drawn on, heavily filled, or stained just so they can look good. I think brows, when done a certain way, can look great all on their own. 

I'm a brow artist for the brow obsessed. Natural brows are my passion and it's what I've been specializing in for 30 years!  I'm not just a "wax on/wax off" waxer. I come to you with a full on strategy. A strategy aimed at getting you your best brows ever!

Do you think you got the passion necessary to handle it? Because I'm prepared to change our life !

Are You Brow Obsessed?

Well, let's walk through this real quick...

  • You know not all brow waxing is the same.
  • You know you can't just "walk in" for good brows.
  • You wish you could drive to LA to go to a celebrity artist.
  • You know a brow wax is not considered an "add on service" to your hair, nails, or facials.
  • You search IG for awesome brows and love to follow all the brow gurus on social media.
  • Your brows are a PRIORITY, an investment, and you know they are worth it!

If any of this sounds like you, then you are one of The Brow Obsessed! And I got you Boo! Let me show you how great your eyebrows can look!  Don't be fooled...eyebrow shaping is an ART and I invite you to be my canvas!

My Brow Philosophy

I don’t do overly arched, dramatic, or heavily drawn on eyebrows. I keep your brows full and natural because, after all, that’s the way nature intended. I want to get your brows back to their natural/pre wax/pre tweeze state...the  brows of your youth. I'll just give you a better more mature version...and make sure I keep (in most cases grow back) all the things good about those "never been touched" brows. The brows you were born with are the ones that look best on you so lets let nature decide. I have 30 years experience designing and studying the natural brow. I have created a system of mapping and design called Design Brows Naturally where I have broken down the natural Brow anatomically. I don't use the generic mapping principles that are popularly seen. I apply my proprietary concepts to hair growth patterns to determine not only the shape, but also the placement. The brows I create are brows that mimic your youth. I even have clients that stop getting Botox after seeing me. Yes, the power of the brow can be that real. When done my way, I'll give you what I call The Botox Effect! Let me show you! Are you ready?

Take a look at the photos on my social media and see what I'm all about. 


What to Expect When Working With Me

Do people compliment you on your eyebrows?  If you're paying a professional to shape them don't you think they should? Well, I will make sure that that happens.  Your first appointment will be a 40 minute slot that involves a thorough consultation. I will demonstrate what your brows should look like and how that relates to your current brows. I don’t use generic mapping tools like rulers, stencils, or sticks to “lineup here to determine where your Brow starts and ends”. Nature tells me everything I need to know.I will use your bone structure and your brow growth patterns to analyze your brows.My design method is anatomy based. This gives you a truly customized brow that relates specifically TO YOUR BROWS. I will then wax your brows, working with what you have.  You will then just return every 3-4 weeks for a 15 minute session and let me do my thing!  And NO TWEEZING!!  In no time, your brows will be just like we want...PERFECT!

Online Scheduling and Pricing


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