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Are You Brow Obsessed?

Are you brow Obsessed?  Have you been searching The Temecula Valley for "a brow place" without luck?  Do you swoon over all the awesome brows you see all over social media?  Have you even considered driving all the way to Los Angeles just to get awesome brows?   Search no more!  I'm Regina and I cater to the brow obsessed. Natural brows are my passion and it's what I've been specializing in for nearly 25 years!  I invite you to come me visit me in my charming private studio in Old Town Temecula where all clients are considered friends.

Let me show you how great your eyebrows can look!  Don't be fooled...eyebrow shaping is an ART and I invite you to be my canvas!


My Brow Obsession

Do people compliment you on your eyebrows?  If you're paying a professional to shape them don't you think they should? There are a lot of over tweezed, over arched, and over drawn on brows out there...and I want to FIX that!  My style is NATURAL. I want to get your brows back to their natural state but BETTER!  The brows you were born with are the ones that look best on you so let's let nature decide.

I will use your bone structure and your brow growth patterns to analyze your brows. At your first appointment I will demonstrate what your brows are capable of becoming and why your current brow design is not "working". I don’t use generic mapping tools like rulers, stencils, or sticks to “lineup here to determine where your Brow starts and ends”. Nature tells me everything I need to know. My design method is anatomy based. This gives you a truly customized brow that relates specifically TO YOUR BROWS. I will then wax your brows, working with what you have.  You just return every 3-4 weeks and let me do my thing!  And NO TWEEZING!!  In no time, your brows will be just like we want...PERFECT!

Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words

I’m a Natural Brow Expert.

I don’t do overly arched, dramatic, or heavily drawn on eyebrows. I keep your brows full and natural because, after all, that’s the way nature intended.

I have 25 years experience designing and studying the natural brow. I have created a system of design called Design Brows Naturally where I have broken down the natural Brow anatomically and use hair growth patterns to determine not only the shape, but also the placement.

Take a look at the photos on my social media and see what I'm all about. If you like what you see schedule your 45 minute first time client appointment in my Old Town Temecula location so we can get you on your way to beautiful brows.



First Time Client   $95

3-4 weeks  $55

5-8 weeks  $60

2+ Months $65 

**The regular schedule is currently closed. A special "post CA shut-in" scheduling link has already been texted to all monthly clients who have previously signed up for my text notification list. For now, the scheduler is only open to monthly regulars.

** Due to increased demand and limited availability there is a hold on First Time Client scheduling.  Please sign up for our Waitlist.

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