I'm in! I'm ready!

Can you relate to any of these...


You scroll through all the brow mapping photos and tutorials on social media and think
"Brow mapping looks so complicated and time consuming. All I see are lines, and marks, and more lines. Is that the only way? 

You watch tutorial after tutorial and still can't get it.
"What am I missing? They make it look so easy but I still feel like I'm struggling."

You notice that all brows are looking the same...You don't want to offer cookie cutter brows.
"Is there a way to keep my clients brows looking like their unique brows but still offer symmetry and balance? "

You feel intimidated and think
"We didn't spend any time designing or mapping brows in school and I just don't feel very confident."

You're already experienced and confident in your brow skills but know that a new perspective may inspire you. 
"I already feel pretty confident but know I could always learn more. I like to learn from all the experts."

You've been doing brows for a while and feel pretty good about your skill but you constantly have one thought
"I feel like there's something missing. I need to just figure out what that missing piece is."

Now imagine how this would make you feel...


Imagine being secure and confident in your designs. By following nature's map, there's no guessing or random, generic mapping systems.

Raving Fans

Imagine your clients coming back raving saying no one has ever done their brows this good. Your competition is not doing brows this way.


Imagine your brows becoming more consistent. By learning to recognize your client's natural brow lines you'll be able to follow the same brow plan every single time.


Imagine raising your prices regularly. You'd be offering a truly customized service, so your demand will increase and you'll be known for your brow work.

Here's your chance to change your brow confidence.



Design Brows Naturally is different than any other course or design method available. It's not about using generic mapping methods like stencils, measuring along your nose, or mapping string. It's an actual system of mapping that uses the blueprint nature already carefully laid out. It's a mapping method that allows you to use the unique brow growth patterns of your clients brows. You'll be able to design a truly custom brow just for them because the map is natural to only them.

"Every point and line is very specific and thought out."

This system focuses on using brow anatomy to design perfect brows. No measuring with stencils, or rulers, or string. You'll learn a step by step blueprint allowing you to truly customize your clients brows because you're literally using your clients unique brow growth patterns to design them. Using this strategy of brow mapping will have you breaking down the brow piece by piece. 

"Use brow anatomy and you can transform and rehab any brow that comes your way."

Design Brows Naturally show brows in a very thought out and planned way. You'll learn how to give your clients a free hand experience totally unique to them. You'll be able to see with your eyes how to map their brows...no other tools necessary. If you utilize the map nature so carefully laid out you can design any brow.

"You will learn an actual design system that works with brow anatomy and brow growth patterns."

There are 2 parts to perfectly designed brows.  One part is shape, the other part is placement.  Most designs are focused only on shape. And when your focus is only on shape, brows tend to be arched  too high, and appear short and "boxy". But when you focus on placement you are able to literally rotate the brow up creating a perfect amount of space between the brow and eye that I call "The Botox Effect". 

Design Brows Naturally takes you from designing random cookie cutter brows and shows you how to give a true customized experience. Because you are using natures map you will literally become the facilitator to creating the brow nature has always intended.

This is what you'll know after you learn how to Design Brows Naturally. 

You'll be able to shape ANY Brow simply by following their brow growth patterns
You will know all the characteristics and brow growth patterns that ALL brows naturally have and learn the importance of maintaining those characteristics and patterns.
You'll know how to recognize when a part of the brow is missing simply by looking at your client's current brow.
You'll know how to break down the brow point by point and line by line. You'll know where it should start, where it should end, and where the arch should be. AND one thing the other mapping methods don't show you, you'll also know how thick the brows should be and where they should sit on the brow bone.


You’ll know not only how to properly SHAPE a brow, but more importantly, you’ll also know proper PLACEMENT of the brow. You'll know how to create lift and length and give your clients an amazing "Botox Effect"! 
You’ll know the role your clients' brow bone plays in your brow designs so that the brows sit neither too high nor too low but perfectly placed.
You'll know how to recognize exactly what your clients brow should look like without having any previous knowledge of their brows. You'll know simply by looking at them what needs to happen.

This is What's Included...

Study Natural Brow Anatomy

You will study Natural Brow Anatomy incorporating proprietary concepts that utilize your client's natural bone and brow growth patterns. This knowledge will allow you to create your client's most fluid, natural, and youthful brow.

Brow Design Using Brow Anatomy

You will learn how to apply the brow bone and brow growth patterns to your client's brows. We will analyze different brow photos using the brow's anatomy to lay out their natural points and lines and create a brow plan. This will give you the skill to see how your client's current brow relates to their ideal brow.

Brow Video Vault

This is where it gets REAL. It includes full length real life brow clients. Apply all the concepts studied and see RAW footage of everything you learned, applied in real life, giving you the confidence to apply it in the real world.  Get tips and tricks in waxing as well as implementing design strategies. 

Private Facebook Group

Join other students in a peer led private Facebook group where you could network and mentor each other in your designs as you start to implement all the materials learned in the modules. Get design help from other like minded students who are looking at brows through the same perspective as you.

**Design Brows Naturally is done at your own pace.  You have one year access to the materials.

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Let Me Introduce Myself

I bet by now, you're wondering who is behind this whole design process, right? Well, I am Regina and I've been specializing in brows since the mid-90s. In 2014, when Instagram and Facebook hit the scene, I began posting photos of my work and started getting numerous training requests. I started with some in person trainings but in order to cater to all the requests that were not able to travel, I decided creating an online course was the answer! As time went on, I knew I wanted to create something that was more than "watch and learn" type video tutorials. I wanted a way to teach the "why" to my design strategies. But brows were something that always came natural to me. So I wasn't sure how to teach the "why and how". So I took a year out of my training schedule and studied the thousands of brow services I did that year.I studied my every move, paid attention to everything I did,  and took notes. What I discovered was that there was a very specific technique I was doing. I was able to explain my why by paying attention to the brow growth patterns of brows. It was then I developed my proprietary design strategy where I could explain my design process by using brow growth patterns as the map. So I put it all together and created the design principles that became known as Design Brows Naturally. 


Are you still wondering if this may be for you?

Well, you already know what the course is about but maybe you're still on the fence. I really want you to get the most out of this. Is the course right for you?

This Course is For You

  • You have a passion for brows and want to be proud to post photos to your social media
  • You are willing to do the work required to learn and practice new techniques
  • You know designing brows requires more skill than just knowing how to wax
  • You are open to learn new techniques because you are always trying to grow and learn

This Course is Not For You

  • You don't have passion for brows and don't see what all the fuss is about
  • You prefer to focus on facials and only see brows as an "add on" service
  • Learning a new technique doesn't motivate you.
  • You are content with the way you currently do brows and probably wouldn't apply anything new you learned

Honestly, there's never going to be a better opportunity to fine tune your brow designs.


Brows are big business. Look all over social media and it’s more apparent than ever. This exposure has made clients more aware of the different levels in skill and the many styles available in brow services. There's a whole lot of people out there who no longer want walk in brows. They want someone who specializes. And people who want specialists are willing to pay for it. But you can't fake it. To really develop your art of brows and charge top dollar you really have to bring something to the table. Unfortunately, beauty school doesn’t teach the art of brows. And it could take a lot of trial and error to figure it out on your own. And unless you're naturally gifted, it could be years to perfect your craft. Think about it....

You could take everything I’ve learned over the past 25 years, and wrapped it up in this perfect little course. You can review it this weekend and start applying the concepts on your brow clients next week. Sure, there'd still be some trial and error, that comes with anything we practice to perfect. But you'd have a blueprint of what you should do to take out any guesswork. Oh yeah!  And the Facebook group is invaluable when you're trying to perfect your skill. It's like the classroom.

So what's it going to be? 

Listen to what students are saying...

So are you ready to learn this foolproof method of brow design? What are you waiting for?!

I'm not waiting!!!
I'm Totally Ready!