About Regina

Hi fellow Brow Diva! I am Regina aka Regina Brows. I am an award winning Brow Artist originally based out of Southern California with a successful 27 year career in brow design.  In the mid 90's when I started my beauty career I was fortunate to discover my niche very early on. Brows became my passion! When people started referring to me as the "Anastasia of Temecula" it was then I knew brows were my thing.

Fast forward to 2014. Thanks to the internet and social media brow artistry had started booming! People were starting to be made more aware of the differences in brow artistry and brow services. Artists were able to gain local, national, and even international exposure simply by showcasing their work on social media platforms. As my online brand grew and exposure of Regina Brows grew (all thanks to social media and brow photos) I started getting numerous training requests from other industry professionals who followed me. Finally, I decided it was time to tap into my desire to educate other beauty professionals in developing their career in brow artistry.

Designing brows is truly an art not attained by all and can sometimes require a special knack that is not easily figured out by most. With my over 25 years of experience it was time to share my design and business knowledge that has helped me be a successful brow artist. My focus is natural brows. I design brows utilizing the brow bone and brow growth patterns. Using the brow's anatomy every point and line is very specific and thought out.  Through this method I am able to achieve my clients most natural, beautiful, and youthful brow.

And it is this approach that a I love to teach other beauty pros to do...designing brows is a true art, and our clients faces are our canvas. Brows are big business and our clients are screaming for more! When you train with me you train with someone who lives and breathes BROWS! I am the real deal! I'm not just a trainer and mentor but I am a real life brow artist with a thriving clientele.  I know your needs in the brow world and I'd love to help you perfect your brow skills allowing you to be the Go-To-Brow-Gal in your town!