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  • Do you have a passion for brows and always looking for more?
  • Do you lack confidence or skill and need a little (or a lot) of help with everything?
  • Or maybe you're an established artist and simply want a different perspective.
  • Are you looking for ways to build your brow brand and be an in demand brow artist

Brows are big business. Look all over social media and it’s more apparent than ever. This exposure has made clients more aware of the different levels in skill and the many styles available in brow services. People no longer want walk in brows. They want someone who specializes. Unfortunately, beauty school doesn’t teach the art of brows. You learn how to wax but you don’t learn how to design. And today’s discerning clients are definitely looking for something more.

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Online Design Course

Design Brows Naturally is my proprietary design method where you learn how to design brows using natural brow anatomy to give your clients their best brows guaranteeing a perfect and unique shape custom to them.

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In Person Training

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The material in the library will help you increase skill, confidence, and your brow biz. With access to online training, in person training, tutorials, and classes, you’ll have the tools necessary to become the GO-TO brow person in your town and charge top dollar.  

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